About Us

Adfinis Pty Ltd is Australia’s largest supplier of Lift Safety Gates and False Car Platforms. Established in June 2003, we have a continued focus on building a specialty services group to support and enhance the lift construction industry. Our services have helped in the installation and maintenance of hundreds of low and high rise lift installations as well as maintenance and refurbishment jobs.

Our service branches are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth with equipment available Australia wide. Consolidation of systems and procedures ensures we fully comply with all state & national safe work guidelines and legislation. Adfinis will design, build and install all your requirements for a safe and efficient lift installation or lift shaft modernisation.

Our History

Karrinyup Shopping Centre

Karrinyup Shopping Centre

Perth’s Karrinyup Shopping Centre is currently undergoing a $800M redevelopment. Adfinis False Cars are responsible for over 15 new lift installations, and have another 10 yet to go.

Our Perth installers have been working hard since mid 2019 providing lift entrance safety gates and an assortment of False Cars – including duplex wall guided cars.

Melbourne Quarter

Melbourne Quarter

Melbourne Quarter is a $2.9BN ongoing project in Melbourne’s Southern Cross precinct. Adfinis has been working on Melbourne Quarter since late 2017 with much more to do into the present.

Since the project began, we have installed over 20 false cars into various buildings and towers on the block. Our Wall Guided False Cars have drastically reduced the time needed to install each lift.

Jewel Brisbane


Jewel was a three tower project worth $1BN. Finished in mid 2019, Jewel overlooks the Gold Coast. Adfinis fully serviced Jewel over the duration of construction, providing extensive works for 16 lift shafts.

Our installers worked on the project before, after and during lift installation, installing multiple decks, gates and false cars per shaft over a two and a half year span.

SkyTower Brisbane


SkyTower was a $376M project built in Brisbane. Adfinis provided multiple hoist and protection decks as well as 7 false cars and safety gates. Our installers worked closely with Schindler on this project to ensure all lifts were installed within their allotted schedule.

Recently we have returned to SkyTower to aid in maintenance efforts, installing False Cars in the existing shafts to allow access to the lift motors.