Lift Shaft Decks

Adfinis designs, manufactures and installs a multitude of decks intended for lift construction. We can fit any shaft with a temporary, protection, work or hoist deck to suite your needs.

Temporary Access Decks

Temporary Access Deck

Temporary Access Decks provide a quick and easy way to access and work on a lift shaft without needing to scaffold the entire height of the shaft.

Protection / Crash Decks

Protection Deck

Protection Decks protect those working in an unfinished shaft from falling debris while also providing waterproofing and drainage.

Work Decks

Work Deck

Work Decks provide a working platform and lifting point for incomplete lift shafts without a lid.

Hoist Decks

Hoist Deck

Hoist Decks act as a mobile working platform capable of traversing the height of the shaft as construction continues.