Hoist Decks

Hoist Decks serve the same function as Working Decks except they are built in the bottom of the lift shaft and are able to relocate to higher levels using winches. This saves a considerable amount of time while jumping the deck.

Installation Features

  • Service includes installation and removal
  • Retractable fixtures allows for easy movement in the shaft
  • Suitable for shafts up to 3000mm deep
  • Can be installed across multiple shafts (duplex, triplex, etc)
  • Can be easily hoisted to different levels

Safety Features

  • Designed and installed in compliance with AS4431-2019, AS1170, AS3990-1993 and AS4100-1998
  • Choice from 2.5kPa | 5.0kPa | 10kPa
  • Four lifting points (1.5t WLL) per shaft

Commonly Used With…