Working Decks

Working Decks provide a platform and lifting point for incomplete lift shafts without a lid. Adfinis provides a multitude of Working Deck configurations from 2.5kPa to 10kPa.

Installation Features

  • Service includes installation and removal
  • Can be installed with or without rear wall penetrations
  • Suitable for shafts up to 3300mm deep
  • Can be installed across multiple shafts (duplex, triplex, etc)
  • Able to be jumped to higher levels as they are constructed
  • Can be used with lifting beams to provide a lifting point to suspend False Cars
  • Custom designed to allow clearance for plumb lines, rails, etc

Safety Features

  • Designed and installed in compliance with AS4431-2019, AS1170 and AS3990-1993
  • Choice from 2.5kPa | 5.0kPa | 10kPa
  • Engineered for both simplex and cantilever installation methods

Commonly Used With…