False Car Platforms

False Cars are designed and installed to suite every method of new lift installation or maintenance no matter how complex.

Standard – Rail Guided

Rail Guided False Car

Traditional method using the lift car’s rails to guide itself up and down the shaft.

Without Rails – Wall Guided

Wall Guided False Car

Alternative method using sets of wheels to guide itself up and down the shaft without rails installed.

What are False Car Platforms?

Before Adfinis, lift installations relied on scaffold erected within the lift shaft. This method was complex, slow and possibly dangerous. False Cars act as a mobile working platform used to replace scaffold and other fixed platforms. They provide a safe area for 2 or 3 workers to comfortably complete their work on the entire shaft. False Cars are designed to suite almost any size/dimension lift shaft, and elevated using our SkyClimber 800kg winches.

We can install a False Car in 3 to 4 hours and provide this service Australia wide. Our system caters for multi-shaft installs too; up to four cars can be synchronised as one large mobile work platform. All of our False Cars are engineered and installed in compliance with AS 4431-2019. Lift companies and builders across Australia successfully utilised our cars in hundreds of new buildings every year.