Wall Guided False Cars

Adfinis False Cars have been designed and developed to provide a cost effective, safe and efficient solution to eliminate the need for traditional scaffolding within the lift shaft. Wall Guided False Cars utilise sets of wheels to guide them up and down the shaft, allowing them to be installed prior to the elevator rails. Our cars are constructed, installed and maintained by our experienced personnel and wall guided variants can be installed in under 6 hours.

Installation Features

  • Service includes installation, maintenance and removal
  • Platform dimensions can be modified to suite any shaft up to 3790mm DBG
  • Rope lengths from 10m to 200m+
  • 250kg SWL (Personnel & Equipment)
  • Can be converted and placed in the rails after they are installed (all rail sizes)
  • Can combine multiple cars to cover up to a quadplex shaft (can be separated after installation)
  • Able to be jumped past decks and obstructions

Safety Features

  • Manufactured and installed in compliance with AS4431-2019
  • Multiple redundant safety devices:
  • Skylock (Type II & III) fall arrest safety devices (two of)
  • Automatic power-loss winch braking and slow release system
  • Two fixing points per car

Commonly Used With…