Internal Safety Barriers

Internal safety barriers are used in conjunction with Lift Safety Gates and are designed to prevent accidents while accessing the lift shaft. An Internal Safety Barrier is guaranteed to reduce the risk of falling into the shaft as it enforces a 2-step process while gaining access to the lift well.

Installation Features

  • Installed onto lift entrance gates for additional protection
  • Easy to install, operate and remove
  • Increases safety without removing access from the shaft
  • Compatible with any opening a safety gate is installed on

Safety Features

  • Guaranteed to reduce the fall risk while working in the lift shaft
  • Prevents falling into the shaft while providing easy egress out of the shaft

Internal and External Safety

While our Lift Safety Gates ensure no unauthorised persons or objects can enter the shaft, internals ensure your workers have no accidents after entering. Our internals feature smart, easy-to-use operation and installation. Position them on the inward facing hinges and you’re all set. Hire internals alongside your gate order and have them installed, maintained and removed for just the daily hire rate.

With over 700 safety barriers Australia wide, Adfinis can fulfil your project’s needs with as little as 24 hours notice. Australia owned and manufactured means quality you can rely on. Designed to be lightweight and durable, they can survive harsh treatment.

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