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Lift Shaft Material Lifting

Adfinis Pty Ltd, Mono Beam Lifting systems are a specialized concept developed to enable our Lift industry clients the ability to provide a safe, relocatable lifting solution tailored to your needs inside the Lift Shaft

The Mono Lifting Beam system has been designed to allow Lift Company installers the ability to Lift Elevator guide rails in a single or multiple lift from either side of the lift shaft without the need to continually re-rig winches and lifting gear to the left, right and rear of the shaft (Counterweight Rails).

Benefits of the Mono Beam Lifting System;

  • Daily Hire rates available on application
  • Relocation of the Lifting beam within the shaft, smoothly and safely by one person
  • Lifting capacity of up to 2000KG (WLL)
  • No requirement to Re-Rig / De-Rig Winch for each new Lifting position in the same lift shaft
  • Multiple application fitment, Winch can be located on the underside of the beam or Lift shaft landing

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Adfinis services that can also be utilised in conjunction with the Mono Beam Lifting System include:

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